Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Taking the Oath

Watched the Presidential Inauguration in a coffee shop today. Let me know where you were in the comments section. Like a lot of America, the cafe opted for a live feed from a website. To my dismay, there was too much online traffic which slowed the server. According to my received text messages, the oath was being taken while I was viewing Yo Yo Ma play, "A Gift to Be Simple". Although Barack's image was frozen, at least I got to hear him become president.

A new president! Woohoo! An African-American, and I'm not watching a movie! History, Baby!

I thought the commercial that followed was a little anticlimactic.

Black Gum

Are you a smoker? A Harvard graduate? A father of two? No reason is too irrelevant to savor a good stick of Blezident gum. From Black Choice, the makers of Beyon-shea butter, comes a gum that makes you proud to be an American. Nothing says progressiveness like its dark color and nothing says cool like its smooth cognac flavor.

Chews or lose. Blezident is the chewing gum of choice for black presidents.


Luke said...

I was in a corporate break room with several blond white ladies on the verge of tears. Yes, this THEIR moment.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Perhaps they hope it marks the end of white guilt.

soce said...

I was at work. When I grabbed lunch, they had a TV on there as well, so I caught some of it then. I hear that he was there and people were excited, right?

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Yeah, Obama showed up. I wouldn't say people were excited so much as laying golden eggs and shooting rainbows from their eyes.

Chris Z. said...

I watched it via satellite feed on my work's training broadcast network - preempted for the inauguration, which is good since technically he's my new boss!
The best part was the neo-con bible thumper types in my office who have already been crying 'The sky is falling! SOCIALISM! SCARY MUSLIM'
My answer for them - cry more. Another said first thing in the morning - a good 5 hours before the official oath "This is still on?" Bitter much?
It was good to see a lot of folks come in the room to watch it with enthusiasm though.