Friday, November 14, 2008

The Tuesday Treat

Kicked off the week with a fun performance at the cozy Cornelia St. Cafe. John Morrison hosted Pat Stango, Me, Thomas Middleditch, Charlie Kasov, Dan St. Germain, Allison Castillo, and Roy Zimmerman. The restaurant was a refuge from the arctic tundra building on my bone matter. Whenever it gets that freezing before a show I always think I should have more material on how the cold is evidenced through my shirt. Then I remember shouting "Go Go Gadget nipples!" yields very little respect at the open mics.

I stuck with my material and had a ball. The lineup was varied, and the audience enjoyed everyone, which is what I call a great crowd. One special treat was seeing Thomas Middleditch perform as a foreign character who was half of a duo. He brought a young girl with a striped shirt who had a unibrow to match his own. He supported her on his hip and introduced her as his wife Chuki. She never said a word, but each interaction they had was hysterical.

The comics all did a fantastic job, although I did not get to see Allison's set. And though I missed the brilliant political satirist and songwriter Roy Zimmerman headline, I could see that people were very excited that he was there. Just not as excited as I looked.

Morrison Motel
Tuesdays at Cornelia St. Cafe
29 Cornelia St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 989-9318


Chris said...

I love Roy Zimmerman.

And by love I mean I would have his babies.

Abbi said...

Salt on the wound Chris. Salt on the wound.

Mo Diggs said...

Partial show reviews? I love it! Review my next gig at Underground Bar tomorrow and just give me a blurb.

Abbi said...

While other performers offered standard observational fare, Mo Diggs was the highlight of the show with his avant-garde monologue from Steele Magnolias delievered in falsetto while shaving his legs onstage. This female reviewer gives it three out of five absorbency droplets!