Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holographic Novelty

While many are criticizing CNN's use of holograms to spice up the already spicy news events on Election Day, I ask you, what is wrong with holograms?

They were good enough to sing back-up for Jem.

It replaced the video phone as a method of communication before the video phone was even invented!

How else could Madame Leota tell us our future at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion?

And just think of the calories you'll save when it extends into food.

"I'm still hungry Mommy."

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Mo Diggs said...

SOOOO glsd you avoided a HOLO caust joke

B. Freret said...

Okay, merely cute up to the (Holo) Grahams and corresponding quote, at which point hot black coffee shot out my nose and onto the monitor.

Worth it.

B. Freret

Abbi said...

@ Mo: In my book some things are taboo. Like this. It's the most taboo thing there is.

@ B. Freret: Thanks! If you learn to spray on cue, people would pay good money to see that.