Monday, November 3, 2008

Cast Away!

I think boating is an honor, a privilege and a duty for all Americans. How else will you have a say in what is going on unless you boat? I think my boat is important. See?

That is why on Tuesday November 4th I am going to stand in line in front of a middle school and wait for my boat.

You know women have not always had the right to boat in this country.

It used to be for white men only.

But now it is a dream realized.

As a person of color I do not want you asking who I boat for.

It is a sensitive topic.

It is considered gauche to ask anyone who they boat for. Like asking a lady if she is going to have a Bay Bee.

It stings.

Don't let any crazy person tell you what to do with your boat.

People may think their boat doesn't count, but I say go out and boat anyway. If you've never done it before, many people will be glad to see you braving previously unchartered waters.


Chris said...

Why doesn't your Countdown to Wedding clock have a column for "seconds" remaining?

And we all know you're voting for Bob Barr. Hell, this whole blog has nothing but secret messages used to promote your libertarian and Objectivist leanings.

Abbi said...

Barr now! Barr forever! I felt stupid when I saw the ballot had more than three names on it. Turns out the television does not tell you the whole story.

RE: wedding countdown clock, the format is subject to change. Maybe I should call it Decision 2009.

Mo Diggs said...

Rock the Boat '08!

Abbi said...

Mo, you're punderful.