Sunday, November 4, 2007

Todd Barry's 20th Anniversary of Stand-up

Luke's birthday is this week, so last Thursday I took him to see Todd Barry Celebrating 20 Years of Stand-up Comedy at Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Sign at Union Hall
The lineup included
Tom Shillue
Heather Lawless
Tom Ryan
Sarah Silverman
Michael Showalter
H. Jon Benjamin
David Cross
Slovin and Allen
John Glaser
and Andy Blitz,

but my camera battery died at the top of the show, so I only got a couple of shots. Not only was it a great time, but all proceeds from the tickets went to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Todd Barry

Tom Shillue came out and interviewed Todd with questions he had gathered from the audience.

Newly married Heather Lawless of Variety Shac scored with her deadpan delivery.

Tom Ryan had a great set and reminisced about Todd.

Sarah Silverman asked if anyone had any questions about Todd and then worked into material about wholesome family bonding. Like showers with mom.
Sarah Silverman

Michael Showalter showed us recorded screen shots of him winning Online Scrabble. Never challenge a writer.
Michael Showalter

H. Jon Benjamin showed a short film as a tribute to his buddy Todd. It included a guided tour into his apartment and ended in his bedroom. And he was in the bedroom. And he was nude.

David Cross was Luke's favorite of the night, ripping into global warming via its affect on fully-clothed Hasidic Jews. And then ripping into Hasidic Jews.

Slovin and Allen came out and riffed on headlines, but it turns out it's still too soon to talk about the Hindenburg.

John Glaser performed as Wackadoo, a famous Australian comic whose unique laser light show couldn't be shipped to Union Hall.

Andy Blitz was the last performer of the night and sang a spectacular song in angst towards an animal that's "just a cat".

Todd closed the show by passing out sweets! Cupcakes with his face on them.
Todd Barry Cupcakes and Gourds

Todd Barry Cupcake


Mo Diggs said...

Amazing recap

sooprgrll said...

At first I thought you must be joking with all those people and your camera dying but then the pics proved me wrong--how fun!
#1)I saw a show hosted by Tom Shillue when I was in college and Chris Rock came on to test out some new material and the audience went cray-zay
#2)also when I was in college I was walking on Union Square East and Michael Showalter walked past me, I turned around, screamed, "Showalter!" he turned around, I paused not knowing what to do, then I gave him thumbs up and yelled, "You're awesome." Embarrassing.

Abbi said...

Thanks Mo. I wanted to pee the whole time but have this thing about public hipster restrooms.

Soopr, Noooo!!! Worst (and best) use of thumbs up ever! I did something similar, only it was Dick Clark.