Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well I'm on my third day in Ocala, FLORIDA, and not California as many mistakenly heard. I'm having a rootin' tootin' high falootin' good time with opening performer Luke Thayer and headliner Mark Evans. I've banged my camera against the laptop several times, but it turns out you need a cable with a USB port to transfer photos. I didn't pack one, so just hold tight, and I'll tell you how the trip went in due time. So far the shows have been tons of fun and I've met some pretty cool audience members.

Ocala Koala Ocala Koala Ocala Koala.

Also, my cat poster in the previous post below has been criticized for not containing misspelled words. First of all, there are three guarantees in life: death, taxes and jealousy when you make a superbly witty comic strip from someone else's photo of a cat. It's a known fact. Secondly, there is no set dictionary demonstrating how to misspell the words. Finally, cats are highly intelligent, and mine have full knowledge of the English language. Quite like another cat I know...


Mo Diggs said...

funny video

now post another blog

Abbi said...

Don't you order me around Mr. Diggs! I will post a blog when I am good and ready. The aliens who have abducted me are teaching me how to type with my mind. I am thinking, and words are appearing, but each time I try to upload pictures, I fart. It takes too much concentration.