Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Hangover

All the pumpkins are soggy, and the fake cobwebs have been rained on so they look like pillow stuffing. Halloween is Nos Finitu. Relive the excitement of these shows on!

The Living Room at Posmark Cafe
Oct. 26

Abbi Crutchfield and Neil Charles as Crystal and Trevor Valentino
Crystal Valentino decided to change her name to Crystal Halloweeno for the evening and invited her brother Trevor on stage (played by Neil Charles). Together they pondered perfume, candy corn and monster movies in a musical segment called, "Y'all Feel Me". For a full re-cap of this Halloween Scare-avaganza, go to the Living Room website.

Delusions of Spandex at Parkside Lounge
Oct. 27

Abbi Cruthfield as Betty the Cat Lady
Betty the Cat Lady was introduced as Cat Woman in the spirit of costumes and tomfoolery. She shared real audio of Senor Don Gato wooing Lake Kitty Cha-cha and reminded us of how many cat toys to gather in case of emergency evacuation.

Chicks and Giggles at Comix (Ochi's Lounge)
Oct. 30

Dr. Eric Newberry (Abbi Crutchfield)
This fabulous lounge is not pronounced "Oakeys" like the Italians would have you believe, but "Oh-Cheese" and you know there's plenty of that when it's time for a sketch show! The night featured nothing but characters for this HOWL-oween special. AB Carney as Aunt Flo, Becky Yamamoto, The Oh-Debra Twins, Livia and Biz from Meat, and more. I came in as Dr. Erick Newberry, feminist motivational speaker. Check your local listings for her self defense class using every day items, like a mascara wand for a shiv. Maybe it's time to run, and maybe it's Maybelline.

Poetry Vs. Comedy at Bowery Poetry Club
Oct. 31
Luke Thayer and Abbi Crutchfield
Luke performed at Cheryl B's fantastic poetry-comedy throw down. Maurice the Landlord lamented that he didn't know "good Leno's Headlines", and then went into a tirade against Bit-O-Honey. I joined in solidarity as a Cabbage Patch. Carolyn Castiglia hosted as a bee in solidarity with Jerry Seinfeld. Matt McCarthy read as Bad Ass Larry, Elon James White as Care Bear X, Katina Corrao was Strawberry Shortcake...have you checked out the pictures yet?!

Village Ma
Nov. 2
This was neither Halloween-themed nor did it take place on a holiday, but it was foreboding for each comedian, as there was a full house...of hecklers. Mike Ennis, Barry Rothbart and Jeff Cerulli produce a great show that is always a great time for the comics and the crowd. For a table of unsuspecting Spaniards, however, making people laugh for a living proved to be muy mal. I'm thinking of having my funeral in Spain by the way. Check me back there again Nov. 30!

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