Wednesday, November 7, 2007


People Haters! Mount up!

It was a clear black night, a clear white moon
Abbi C was checkin’ mail, trying to make room
For booking requests, but none comin’ in…
I turns to the ‘Net and reads the MSN.

(Nate Dogg)
Hit the Lower East Side of the NYC
On a mission trying to find Ms. Abbi C
Stoppin’ off at the Sunshine Bakery.
For some smooth butter cream cupcakery.

So I took a listen to the man named Chapman.
His show is off the air and I said "What happened?”
He slurs on the phone—it’s all messed up
Enquirer caught it all and he said, "I'm stuck."

See these girls peepin’ me all skinny and white
Askin’ would I like to see a funny show tonight.
My girl Abbi’s on the phone talking bout some racists.
Got a blue-red decision like I’m in the Matrix.

I'm gettin mad, I'm on my cell phone
I can't believe Nate is takin’ this long.
Another celeb hates my race and my sex.
I grabbed my computer, said, "Damn, who’s next?"

I like live comedy but it’s starting to sour
Cuz it’s twenty-two people on the Amateur Hour.
I gotta get to Brooklyn before Abbi’s mean
Plus all the jokes tonight are “Girls and Halloween.”

Bounty Hunter’s callin’ blacks
The “F’n N-word”
Letting it loose like a dog lays turds.
But I shouldn’t be surprised
That there’s a race he hates.
I glanced in the cut and I see my homey Nate.

I’m here in the Slope tryin to get the news
But I’m interrupted by some Jesus-lovin’ Jews.
I knock ‘em out and realize just a tad bit late:
Nate Dogg and Bounty H both discrimi-hate.

We share the same name!
It makes my head explode...
Now I'm switching my mind back into peace mode.
If you want to make amends sit back and observe
I just left evangelists over there on the curb.

Now Nate’s collecting pamphlets
And shaking their hands
And dusting off their vests and corduroy pants.

Own up, own up, cause it's wrong...
N-A-T-E and me
the Abbi to the C.

Just like I thought
they were in the same spot
still spreading the word.
the Nate Dogg and the A-child
don’t judge what we heard.
We went to grab dinner at Willie’s Dawgs
I said "Challah bun for me."
And then Abbi said "that’s a Jewish bread”
We can live in harmony.

I got a belly full of food and I’m feelin all right
I wonder what Michael Richards is doing tonight...

I'm speaking
about a whole new era:
loving folks.
I dare ya.
on a whole new level...

the rhythm is the bass and the bass is the treble!

We tired of
Shut up
When your job is your life
your life’s on Access Hollywood.

If you know like I know
you don't wanna talk like this.
In the information era
you’ll get caught for your thoughts like this.
if you joke like she jokes
then you laugh like everyday.
but if you hate behind closed doors
then soon it’s gon’ be caught on tape.

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Mo Diggs said...

All the jokes about girls and Halloween