Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Joe's Got the Powers

Some news about a comedy buddy who was recently injured and could use some good vibes. From The Apiary, via The Comic's Comic, and later again if you're scouring Sandpapersuit.com for a funny tidbit on behind the scenes stand-up:

Comedian Joe Powers survived a serious accident this weekend and is currently at Bellevue Hospital in stable but very serious condition in the intensive care unit. While the injuries he sustained are serious, he is doing well. if anyone wants to pay a visit many comedians will be there this Tuesday ( any other day is fine as well). His family has greatly appreciated the outpouring of support and his doctors think that continued stimulation will only speed his recovery. He is at Bellevue Hospital (27th and 1st Ave) -H building - 10th floor -Surgical ICU . Visiting hours are pretty much unlimited.

While there are no images readily available at my Googletips, I did come up with a composite of him.



You can also check out his loving blue eyes on the link to The Apiary above.


Mo Diggs said...

Hahah that was hilarious

Abbi said...


H. Alan Scott said...

i'm glad he's alright, margie told me what happened yesterday. poor joe, i want to send him a huge basket of porn and mike n ikes, isn't that what straight dudes like?

Abbi said...

It depends on what part of himself he injured. Maybe you should go general and just get him the Magnum, P.I. dvd box set.