Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Indigestion of The Future

Jim Gaffigan warned us all of the takeover, and as I look around, more and more meals are being consumed in pockets.

If you want a hot meal without a big deal, what are you gonna pick? (Snap)

Hot Pocket!

If you want a grilled cheese without the crust please, what are you gonna pick? (Sizzle)

Triangle Pocket!

If you're teaching elementary and the graham cracker box is empty, what are you gonna pick? (Ruler breaks)

Kid Pocket!

If you're pretentious about your health but okay with processed kelp, what are you gonna pick? (Fart)

Green Pocket!

When a fat, Midwestern bunch shows up for lunch, what are you gonna pick? (Moo)

Grease Pocket!

When an apple gets marinated in toxic chemicals, with enough corn syrup to form a glue-like consistency, and the sugar glaze keeps you from tasting the difference between the interior and the exterior, what are you gonna pick? (Screams)

Pocket Pocket!


Mo Diggs said...

In Australi I hear they are called Kangaroo Pockets

Abbi said...

Yuck. That means they're not even hot.

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