Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Guess the Open Mic


No microphone

A comic gets bored before the show and decides to tear down a map that covers an entire wall "just to hide it and SHOW THEM."

The room smells like corn chips

The only audience is comedians

The cost of performing goes up from two single Subway rides to a Subway footlong sandwich.

Plywood makes up the wobbly, makeshift stage

There are two stories about threesomes gone wrong

Someone explains that blacks were selected as slaves because of their good looks and Mexicans were not because of their laziness, and Russians are today's slave of choice (by mail) for pedofiles

A nervous comic mistakes an applause break for his cue to get off stage


Mo Diggs said...

I'm guessing it's...well you wanna keep it secret so let's call it Malibu Nachos.

Abbi said...

LOL. Let's call it by its original name, The Basement Location Used for the Bucket Scene in Silence of the Lambs.