Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Comedy Central Presents

On Camera Audiences has posted free tickets to see live tapings of Comedy Central Presents. I've seen many before (John Heffron, Maria Bamford, Paul F. Tompkins, Dan Cummins, Loni Love, Kirk Fox, John Reep, Ben Bailey, Josh Sneed, Bonnie McFarlane and more), and I look forward to the one I'll see tonight!

"But Abbi, you're a talented comedian whose face is made for television and whose blog I rely on to get laughter in this bleak frank and beans canning factory. Why aren't you taping your own Comedy Central Presents yet?"

Hahaha. Oh, single fan, you have so much to learn about the comedy business. First you have to be "So good they can't ignore you" as Steve Martin says. Then you have to be insanely wealthy to fuel the perfect PR machine. Finally, you must be related to someone in show business. I am working on this three step plan, and soon I will have my 30 minutes in the Hudson Theater. By the way, how do you use a computer with those Laverne and Shirley gloves on?

Tonight Luke and I are going to watch Anthony Jeselnik and Doug Benson.

Friday I was slated to watch John Mulaney (old classmate, now writes for SNL) and Kristen Schaal (underground sensation, highlight of many a comedy festival), but I am flying back home to see family and work on wedding stuff.

This marriage thing better be worth it! (Sitcom audience laughter)

It won't be, will it? (Silence)


Mo Diggs said...

I'm not a single fan-you met Amy

Abbi said...

Thanks for the reminder. Should I not have pointed out that you two work at Hossenfeffer Incorporated?