Monday, August 11, 2008

Big East Friends

Graduating from Georgetown University finally pays off for a comic.

Fun fact: Other hilarious Georgetown Alumni include

Jim Gaffigan

"Beyond the Pale" album. Created "Pale Force" short featured on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Co-stars in My Boys on TBS. Sierra Mist commercials...

Mike Birbiglia

Author of "My Secret Public Journal", is known by all college students across the U.S making him Birbiquitous.

Jacqueline Novak

Comedy Central Live College Tour

John Mulaney

Taping a Comedy Central Presents this month.

Lance Weiss

A regular at Caroline's on Broadway.

Nick Kroll

Known for hilarious character work and starred in ABC's Cavemen

J-L Cauvin

Featured on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson

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Chris said...

What? No YouTube clips of them performing?

Abbi said...

In my day, when we wanted to watch Youtube clips, we typed a URL called in the address bar. Then we'd click the mouse and WAIT. It took seconds, and we LIKED it to take that long! It gave us time to think about Britney Spears and open packets of Easy Mac. Spoiled kids.

Slava said...

Hi Abbi,

From reading this post, you are in great company.

Thanks for linking to my open mic list, I've added you on my blogroll.

Abbi said...

Thanks Slava! And thank you for your Snow Show.

I'll be sure to do the same.