Saturday, August 2, 2008

All That Shimmers is Old

I have a Google group of friends who want to save money so we give away items. I got a free bike out of it. Also egg noodles and some perfume. But what kind of items do I give away? Here's my most recent offer:

7 oz of shimmer powder in "twinkle twinkle"

Comes with "Magic Wand" for hair and face shimmer. Are you listening pixies?!

"For skin that seems to glow from within, dip a powder brush in or puff in Shimmer Powder, shake off excess and sweep lightly over entire face."

Made in Italy. Fatto in Italia!

It's ten years old and never touched. I never found a good reason, after prom, to add sparkles to my hair, face, collar bone, shoulders and arms. People who might be interested in this item:

Exotic dancers
Richard Simmons
Art Teachers
P Diddy (for his toilet paper)

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