Thursday, August 2, 2007

Matt Little's Big Surprise

There’s a family fun park* in Indiana called “Great Times”, and it ain’t got nothin’ on Matt Little’s Big Show. Granted, I have never been to Great Times, but I’m sure they would change their name to So-So Happenings if they understood what Matt and Kasey are offering each month.

This was my first time at Gotham City Improv, a studio not to be confused with the comedy club of a similar name or the town where Batman lives.

Thug: Who are you?
Keaton: I’m Bathmat.
Burton: CUT!

The show comes complete with an opening monologue, guests who are interviewed, a pragmatic, guitar-playing sidekick, home-made commercials, games for the audience, musical guests and a stand-up segment! I was the stand-up. It felt just like what I imagine being on Letterman is like, but without the blinding fear. The best part is, I can occasionally glance at a monitor to see that, yes my underwear IS poking out the back of my pants. And to think, at other shows, I’d have to wonder.

Aside from the scheduled programming, there is also room for ad-libbing and audience participation which makes it as fun, intimate and spontaneous as a show in a comedy club.

I HIGHLY recommend you check it out, because the more seats that are filled, the closer it feels to actually watching a live taping of Conan. It’s just missing the arctic blast of air conditioning to freeze you into alertness. This is creativity and hard work at its best, and in a city where self-produced shows pop up and are destroyed quicker than junk mail, you would be a fool not to try to enjoy it.

*family fun park: attractions on a cement foundation smaller than an amusement park but bigger than your driveway.

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