Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dogfighting. Really?

Hey Michael Vick,

Two words: People fighting. Not Ultimate Fighting or boxing matches, but couples on the verge of divorcing who like to chew each other out. Put them in a dusty ring, and throw in a catalyst like the dry cleaning or the cabinet with a loose door. If it's a particularly annoying couple, you wouldn't need more than a dvd of Blade: Trinity.

--What is it now?


--Oh let's just get it over with. You're clearly upset.

"When we were at Blockbuster you said I can't watch a New Release without spoiling the ending."

--I said IF we watch a new release I HOPE you won't spoil the ending.

"That's not what you said."

--You're telling ME what I said? That's stupid.

"Stupid. I'm stupid now. Who wanted to rent BLADE?"

I'd bet against the person who's known to end with "Psh. Whatever." It's entertaining, it speaks to me, and it's nature's way.

Best of all, no dogs get hurt. Just kids.

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