Monday, August 13, 2007

Tangled Up in Blah

alternate title for this post: Denim's Da Breaks

Move over quilts and scarecrows. The Denim Shirt is popping up on people. And I don't mean on tour guides in Native American Art museums. I mean on famous people.
It's not exactly my thing, but maybe it's like the Emporer's New Clothes. No one can see how hot it is but the person wearing it.

Jay Leno

"I have a reputation in this business of being kind enough to give you the shirt off my back. Unless of course it's denim."

Linda Rondstadt

"Why do I wear it? Well I guess I never gave it much thought. Sometimes you feel bloated...and you're also late for hosting a chili cook-off."

Brad Pitt?

"I pair my DS with a cowboy hat and a smile. Do you know a better way to make the 1991 cover of Focus on the Family?"

A plague on society or the comfy alternative to a burlap sack? Denim shirts. Good enough for millionaires.

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fantasy weather league said...

I used to have the Linda Rondstat oversized denim shirt (every fat kid was required to own one in the 80's) I used to wear it with black leggings.

At least black leggings never came back into style, amirite?!

Abbi said...

When I wore stirrup pants I used to walk around saying, "Encore is a 2-lb FAMILY sized meal...but I don't have a family."

sooprgrll said...

I saw Linda Rondstat eat a bug once. On accident. It flew into her mouth while singing. Mmmmm.

Abbi said...

Fly's thoughts: "What is this person singing? I don't recognize this song at smells like pork rinds and bourbon in here."