Monday, August 27, 2007

OnStar-Studded Event

I recently went to a taping of Comedy Central Presents. I sold my extra ticket to Luke because I'm generous*. Waiting in line on 44th street became fun when an ambulance parked parallel to a Jaguar and left little room for any cars to pass through. Cab drivers showed the most guts by whizzing by, their back ends fishtailing while shouting, “Death to America”. A couple of guys driving Escalades cautiously took their turns to ensure a timely drug drop-off. The slowest car to pass through was a Porsche that arguably had the most room. He later turned the corner into a Summer’s Eve truck in an extreme case of redundancy.

We weren’t balding or wearing sweaty t-shirts, but we might as well have been the paparazzi for all the talent that passed by (metaphors are my forte).

British Comedians Curtis Walker, Gina Yashere and John Simmit left the Hudson Theater after performing for the International Fringe Festival.

Simmit’s credits include playing Dipsy the Green Teletubby...

...I can only assume he is a millionaire doing comedy for fun.

Dan Cummins stepped out and chatted with us before his show.

He went to grab us coffee but came back with enough just for himself. Headliners and their egos.

Comedy Central alumni who showed up for support: Michelle Buteau and Eric Andre.

The show was fun. Drew Fraser kept the crowd hyper with material in between the acts.

Bonnie McFarlane joked about just having a baby, and lo and behold, her husband, comedian Rich Vos was holding one in the back of the house after the show.
Sometimes comedians tell the truth on stage.

We left the theater through the Millennium Hotel lobby and sat for a while pretending we could afford couches.
Bonnie came through and asked us for help getting the stroller down some stairs. The baby began to cry which was decidedly unfunny. I guess the comedy gene skips a generation.

*For your free tickets to watch a taping of a show:

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