Monday, April 21, 2008

Four of a Kind

One fear I have as a stand-up is not being able to be original. I worry that my ideas are common, that my delivery is contrived, or that my stage presence is lacking. Luke tries to encourage me by telling me that at least I have a "Look" that gets attention right away, and may give me an edge on stage.

Here are some talented ladies I will have to convince to give up The Look:

Name: Michelle Buteau

Her Curly Comedy:

How She is Different From Me: Michelle's got skills that pay the bills! She's a contest winner, a road traveler, and has a great reputation in New York and overseas. From "Buteau has also been seen on VH1's Best Week Ever and A2Z's Donald Trump. She recently won New York's Underground Comedy Festival's New Comic Contest and was a finalist in Budweiser's Ladies of Laughter Competition. On stage, watch Michelle blend her Jamaican and Haitian background, exclusive style of urban funk and Girl-next door comedy into a performance that's anything but routine."

Name: Calise Hawkins

Her Curly Comedy:

How She is Different From Me: Calise is a hustler, Homey. A regular in many rooms, she hosts her own show at the Village Lantern, tapes clips for television and goes home to single-handedly take care of her baby girl. From "Calise Hawkins wears her heart on her microphone. She relays personal experience with comedic insights to the enjoyment of a laughing audience. Catch Calise on stage at most major clubs in New York and you'll experience the development of a true comedian."

Name: Honour Pillow

Her Curly Comedy:

How She is Different From Me: HP has lived my dream and faced my nightmare; Showtime at The Apollo. I have never met her, but I wouldn't mind it, because she does her thing and looks collected while doing it. From "After studying at Chicago's Improv Olympics and Second City, model-turned-stand-up-comedian Honour Pillow moved to Vegas, where she unleashes her confrontational brands of relationship and observational humor at the likes of Boomer's, the Freakin' Frog, the Bunkhouse and Tommy Rocker's. She's also making headway as a viral-video star; her portrayal of a confused grandma exploring the decorative potential of a condom is no Jesus Is Magic, but it's just as memorable."

Whew. That's some steep competition, and I am in no mood to step up my game. In order not to have to sharpen my comedy skills, I may have to fall back on one of my other looks.


Anonymous said...

I like Honor Pillow because of her modest name and modest dress (though cover the shoulders, woman!).

Maybe you should attempt to be more modest Abbi? I like your Jackie O. look. Or maybe take to the stage in a burqa?


Chris said...

Ahem, I think you are forgetting somebody:

Unless you just mean funny comics... Then I stand corrected.

Chris said...

Drat, let's try that again.

I Think You are Forgetting Someone

Abbi said...

Man Falling: Burqas are for extremely enticing women who radiate sensuality and must be covered from head to toe for fear the entire society would gyrate uncontrollably and cease to function. I am merely cute bordering on darling.

I will dedicate the next ten years of my life to gradually introducing luxurious fabrics and smoldering makeup to my repertoire to garner the label, "handsome woman".

Chris: Carrot Top would be categorized as a Curly Comedy pioneer if not for the red hair. Instead, I respectfully submit that he is a modern-day clown. I mean that with all the seriousness of philosophy grad student.