Monday, April 21, 2008

Deaf Janiels

My pick for best actor at the next Golden Globes: Jeff Daniels in Sweet Nothing in My Ear. Hallmark tried really hard to make this made-for-T.V. movie unbearably corny, but fortunately his terrific acting and newly acquired signing skills saved the scenes.

And what scenes! When you shout during an argument, and you sign at the same time, it brings a whole new level of seriousness. I could have used this skill years ago before I developed the habit of throwing food to make my point. Once on a lunch break in the City, Luke and I were fussing about something on a Lexington side walk. Unable to sign, “Don’t walk away from me!” I hurled an apple at his back. On another occasion, during a get together with friends, we had a misunderstanding about Popeye’s Chicken. When yelling, “Don’t forget your Coke!” did not get his attention, I threw a soft drink from his kitchen to splatter his living room wall.

If only that picture book of the ASL alphabet I read in the 3rd grade had shown me more than the words “town”, “build,” and “baby”, I might be more eloquent. At least when I am adamant about building a Baby Town, he will know I mean business.


Jerell said...

Reading this blog post, I've just saved $4725 on couples' therapy.

Abbi said...

And you didn't even have to switch to Geico.