Sunday, April 27, 2008

Failure = Not Trying

Missed a guest spot at a comedy club due to late train

A casting agent for a major network changed her mind about considering me for anything

Forgot half of costume for character at my own show

Tanked an audition to perform in an improv troupe

Elicited pity heckles from an open mic full of poets, the saddest people in the world

Ad-libbed, "I just finished watching a Chris Rock special, and I really feel like I can tell it like it is! Watch! (searched brain for shocking and insightful statement) I'm NEVER SCARED to talk about gum."


Mo Diggs said...

I was talking about Reese's flavored gum today.

Your move.

Abbi said...

Peanut butter flavored gum is both edgy and original. But I think you'll find gum-flavored peanut butter quite jarring.

Puns. I'm in a slump.

Chris said...

If all that was spread out through a month or so it isn't that bad.... However if that was your Tuesday then you might need to try smoking that gum.

Abbi said...

Yeah, I can take my lumps. This is balanced out by a lot of good hair days and an empty laundromat on the morning I had three loads to wash. God is good, gentlemen.

Carolyn said...

I hate to be the mama here, but I know when shit like that goes down in my world it's cuz I'm too busy and need to take a breath. Get back to basics, girl!

Chocolate/Peanut Butter is the 5th horseman of the gumpocalypse.

Abbi said...

Laugh Out Loud.

And when you're right, you're right. I need to FOCUS. Know of any good shows to watch?

Motroni said...

Reese's flavored gum would be like the best gum ever. Wal-Mart would probaly go out of stock because i would by the stock!!!!!