Thursday, July 26, 2007

See the Resemblance?

My sister is one of Most Beautiful People at 50 on Capitol Hill!

I'm so proud. She's fifty, and she's beautiful. And she works on Capitol Hill. What more could you want in a woman? Wait...what's that? The award is for the 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill? Oh. Well that's different. I am no longer impressed.

Read all about it here.

Each person gets a brief profile. Regardless of the stats that designate someone as single or dating, the article goes on to paint a picture of an available person. Take Derrick. They tell us up front he is in a relationship with someone named Isabel. Then he is asked about his dating frequency and ideal evening out. “I just think it’s more fun making something together,” he said. “I like home-cooked meals.”

If he were real about it he would have said, “ typical Friday? Greet her after work, get yelled at for stinky breath, go exercise at the gym, get a million texts about how I’d better be on time to dinner since her stupid mom is in town, get to dinner late, take her mom’s crap, be quiet all night, get yelled at for being quiet, eat McDonalds on the way home, get yelled at for still being hungry, watch ESPN until I fall asleep.”


frieda mumia-nauman said...

Whatever. Your sister is no Guy Lipa, age 24, hometown Los Angeles. She's also no Angeline Muckle-Jabbar, age 40, hometown St. Croix, V.I.

These are the people directly below your sister on that website you linked to. Orange you glad your last name isn't Muckle-Jabbar?

Abbi said...

LOL LOL! A Muckle-Jabbar by any other name would smell as sweet. But that's not saying much.