Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Those Suh-huh-merrr Nigh-HEIGHTS

I'll tell you about it, Stud.

July is a great time to catch me performing because I'm on some of the most fun shows New York City has to offer!

Get Psyched! Thursday July 19th, 8:00 PM

I once saw host/creator/master of disguise Rob Lathan do a dead-on impression of Nick Nolte trying stand-up, and it cracked me up more than Nick Nolte's actual mug shot. This week he's Jeff Foxworthy's cousin. Here's my impression of a Foxworthy: "If you've ever hooty HOO on a HEE DIDDLY DAW! Ya might be a REW HOO FEEDLE DEE HEE-HAW!" And his is even better than that.

Delusions of Spandex Saturday July 20th, 7:00 PM
Phaea Crede and Becca Jones of UCB fame host and act throughout this hilarious sketch show. It's always something different, and always a rootin' tootin' good time at Parkside Lounge.

Comedy for the F*** of It Tuesday July 24th, 8:00 PM

Del hosts a lineup of tv-ready (and tv-featured) stars and gives it soul, child! I mean, honey it's poppin'. And by that you know what I'm talkin' 'bout! It's...for black people. Just kidding. It's for EVERYone! But we love black people at this show. Del is amazingly talented, and so is everyone I've known who's gone up. You can't miss this show with sauce. What's saucier than putting a curse word in the title?!

Matt Little's Big Show Tuesday July 31st, 8:30 PM

Improv genius and fellow stand-up, Matt Little hosts a show with his awesome friend I haven't met yet. It's a talk show, and there are jokes. Like chocolate plus peanutbutter. Amen.

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