Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Quitting Time

Some people leave the office four minutes early. They are stealthy, and all that’s left is a cloud of dust and paperclips. A whisper of “Good night,” lingers, but they’re long gone.

Other people wave and bid adieu like they’re on a game show. “Good night! I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

They need friends.

Some people say it like they won the lottery. “I’m outta here!” And they get very excited. I guess they forget they’re coming back the next morning.

How do I leave the office? This brings forth the age-old question. When there’s no one else around, do I really make a sound?

Yeah. Yeah I do.


Carolyn said...

80's Madonna?

Abbi said...

White Town. "Well I GUESS what they say is TRUE! I could never be the RIGHT kind of girl for you! I could never be your BAH bum bee BAH bum bee BAH Bum bee BAH"

Crutch said...

funny...the office sucks.

Abbi said...

Sis, you bake cakes, I'll make the humorous packaging. We'll go into business together! Now move to NYC.