Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Enjoy Life Again

Do you find it hard to get going in the morning?
Are you often drowsy after a big lunch?
Nod off during a boring speech?
When someone else yawns…does it make you yawn?

You might be a victim of limited encephalitis, a deceptive narcolepsy that may strike at any moment whenever you get sleepy. If you’re tired of being tired, Myfeetra can help. One whiff of Myfeetra will wake you up and keep you alert. The noxious compounds that grow on Myfeetra are strong enough to propel the human body to drop everything, run out of a building and at least half a mile away. But the benefits are not limited to the aroma. Most people who have tasted Myfeetra claim to have lost their appetite for an entire week. The product may be used as an insecticide or to combat rodent infestation. Just place Myfeetra near a vent in your home, and small creatures expire within minutes.

Myfeetra is not to be used near pets. If you have a problem with toes, ask your doctor if Myfeetra is right for you. Common side effects include dry heaving, watery eyes, involuntary complaining, kids singing “Yo Mama Don’t Wear No Socks” and short-term memory loss cause it’s so stank. Like every medication, Myfeetra is not to be used if you are nursing or pregnant or may become pregnant. Or if you used to be pregnant. Or if you even have a uterus. Let’s stay on the safe side.

Hey. Wake up and smell the roses*!

*The makers of Myfeetra are confident that you will feel awake, but cannot guarantee the ability to smell roses.

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