Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Post Toasties

Maybe if people are Googling "a history of cornflakes" they'll stumble upon this blog and get HUNGRY for these upcoming shows. Like that? YESSSSS.

Without breaking a sweat, Luke and I will unleash the beast of our sketch talent at 80 minte abs! Then I'll put icing on the cake with my stellar stand-up. And come look at the other stars. High quality. Good. Very silky.

Continuing the theme of poking (fun at) the squishy bellies of America, we have an unforgettable sketch show that amazes me with its audacity. The room is always packed, the hosts are as original as they are committed to their craft, and the vibe is all enthusiasm. They're just about backlisted with sketch acts, so it's a sure bet you'll see some of New York's finest here:

And here, because you know how we do in my house:

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