Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

I handed my championship belt over to the talented Julian McCullough last night.

Catch him at The Comedy Cellar, or competing again next week at Caroline's. Experience the excitement of March Comedy Madness, as advertised on Shecky Magazine! Although I won't be a part of the further festivities, it is a guaranteed good time. Josh Filipowski did an excellent job of organizing it, and together with Caroline's own Bryan Kennedy, they have drawn the attention of the MSG network! Click here under "Recently Featured on MSG, NY" for a clip of the madness!

I did my best, Mick. I gave 'em the old one-two combination with dog jokes at the end. I mean, are there dogs in this city or what? HAHAHA! You feel me. Thank you to my friends and family for coming out or sending supportive e-mails. None of that is as appreciated as money, but you do what you can.


activated charcoal said...

Awww shit, I am realizing that I never cameout or sent any supportive emails!

That's ok, I will browbeat you to winning place!

Get down and give me 20!

What's that?

Abbi said...

99...100. I saw your 20 and raised you four score more. Julian McCullough ended up taking the whole competition, so I'm glad I lost to a champion. Did I say lost? That was an odd choice of words. I meant a word that implies it was on purpose and out of pity.