Friday, March 30, 2007

The Force...It's Got a Lot of Power

It is very easy to take potshots at celebrities, and it is also very fun and guilt-free because they are not real people, but it is my duty to beat a dead horse when it feels fresh to me. I am of course, about to bring up Michael Jackson.

I had one of his songs stuck in my head, "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough", and was singing it loud and free until someone challenged me with the conundrum that has plagued teens since 1979. "What is he saying in the beginning, before the song starts?" Oh, that's's What the nut IS he saying? How have I gone for years without challenging this? (Probably the same way I pretend I know Seal's lyrics, the backstory to which is here, but keep reading this first).

Trying to recall from memory just produces a bunch of mumbles:

I was wonderin'...if I could sham on...because of's the word I say that makes no sense, and...WOO!

Then I went to the Internet to see what other people are writing:

Nobody Cares.

So I had to consult my dvd collection of his greatest hits (thank you Circuit City):
You know I was...I was wonderin’ if...if you could keep on, because the force it’s got a lot of power and…it makes me feel like…it makes me feel like eh…WOO!

Really? That's what he's muttering? The FORCE? Someone should write a book called the Six Degrees of Star Wars. This is the worst case of ad-libbing I've seen since my last show where I said "Country music sucks," and a girl in the audience said, "Not all of it. Dolly Parton is okay," and I said, "Yeah, but that's OLD school country" instead of reminding her of the fact that old school country sucks too.

So that's what my ears heard. You be the judge. Don't stop til you get enough.

Next week, we'll try to figure out what he's saying in the chorus of "Jam"
Prediction: Jam! Can't sham. Can't sham too much. Just JAM!


Carolyn said...

Yes, but what the hell is he saying in the rest of the song? Any song. Every song.

Abbi said...

Good point CKC, but maybe you are forgetting about the powers and wisdom of HEE HEE. Sham on it for a little while and get back to me.

claudia said...

I found you, Abbi. Now that you found me. I guess no blogger or Michael Jackson lyric is safe. As the King of Pop himself would say Hee!! Wooo! Heeeee! Woooo! Jruronorrrfhgance!

Abbi said...

You caught me giving a thumbs down to the new Just For Men commercial. Now that you're here, let me say I thoroughly enjoyed your movie review for Reign Over Me. Keep 'em coming! PS: I have yet to hear comedians tackle the true MJ issue that is his insistence on wearing white socks with black shoes.

Count Suckula said...

Capo with a french toast