Saturday, January 20, 2007

Send In Your Art! No. 2

It really worked! Thanks, Phil in Indiana, for your submission. I'm not sure this counts as a portrait, but it's the closest thing to an entry I've received.

Luke in New York also tried his hand at a portrait of the portrait that "Fan in D.C." made.

I am truly moved.

Readers, we want to keep that artwork coming! The 2007 Portrait Contest won't be closed for a good while...

DEADLINE IS AUGUST 1, 2007 submit whatever you like whenever you like. As many of you know, Abbi's favorite thing to paint is portraits. If your favorite thing is Abbi, bring the two together! What a great combo; like salt and pepper or a 55 year old farmer in Nebraska and halitosis.

But what do you WIN? The comedian/artist herself will paint YOUR portrait if you are selected as the grand prize winner. Because an art exchange like this hasn't happened since that old guy did your caricature at the Baltimore Aquarium.


activated charcoal said...

Only Luke can truly see the hulking majesty of Abbi's jaw.

Abbi said...

Word up, AC. He has an eye for detail. Somehow he captured my voice as well. I can almost HEAR the portrait bellowing, "DAAAAH..."

Crutch said...

ooh i really like phil from indiana's's so life-like. who lingers in the background?

Abbi said...

Crutch, Phil has a unique skill. The real question is what style was I going for on that hair day? Tame the Mane.