Sunday, January 14, 2007

Send In Your Art! No. 1

Hey gang! We are now accepting submissions to the 2007 Portrait contest. As many of you know, Abbi's favorite thing to paint is portraits.

If your favorite thing is Abbi, bring the two together! What a great combo; like chocolate and peanutbutter or hairnets and actors pretending to work in cereal factories.

This first entry was submitted by a fan from Washington, DC (A.K.A. Abbi's sister).

But what do you WIN? The comedian/artist herself will paint YOUR portrait if you are selected as the grand prize winner. We'll post her work here soon. It's good.

E-mail your scanned drawing, etching, painting, sculpture, or macaroni art to:


Drawings and paintings of Tracee Ellis Ross are also accepted.

Yours truly,

Mike Sullivan

President of Abbi's CurlyComedy Blog 2007 Portrait Contest

(not to be confused with the kid in grade school who once told Abbi no one could ever draw her because her giant, buckteeth would not fit on a page)


Big Sis said...

Dang, you took me way back with Mike Sullivan. I remember him. Good thing I never knew about his comments until now...oh how that made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

Abbi said...

I'm not bitter.