Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Coats for Comedians

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Radio Free NY is working on launching a video podcast series this winter and one of their segments is called the "60-second Bug Off". I got to tape one last October talking about what really REALLY bugs me. Why don't we start with my jacket? It was freezing that day, and this is the best I could do. Is it so hard to buy a coat? I'd have a trendy one by now if I weren't so cheap. I saw one of those long ones filled with goose feathers and with a real, fur-lined hood (possibly squirrel?) that came with a tag that said, Compare to $345.00 Should I? Or are they trying to psyche me out? Compare to five hundred dollars. Just compare. How about a trip to Hawaii? This is much cheaper.


Bumilla said...

o hay, there. are you now being stalked by the paparazzi? are you THIS famous already? can you cut me a check? kthxbi!

Abbi said...

No, actually I stalk the paparazzi. I call pretending to be Lindsay Lohan, and then when they show up, they yell and spit on me. I can cut you a check for fifty cents any time you need it.