Thursday, January 25, 2007

How DO I Do It?

I have had a busy week these past few days. Open mics, an audition, producing duties for the Living Room, writing sketches for a show I’m in on Saturday, preparing a Living Room Original Presentation (see the exclusive unveiling this Friday!)
Somehow…SOMEhow, I still find the time to make my house a complete mess. A filthy, disgusting—I have a spoon glued to my stove with Velveeta cheese. There are pants wearing pants on my sofa and dvds serving as paperweights to countless Au Bon Pain receipts (you never know when a restaurant chain will audit you). It's not easy leaving it there, memorizing that car keys are under the pile of Christmas cards by the basket of wigs (not to be confused with the identical basket of magazines that has one shoe in it). But I manage. Because you CAN do it all, Ladies!

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