Monday, January 22, 2007

Making History Over Here

For the first time in history, two black coaches are going to lead teams to the Super Bowl! This is just like the first time in history that two black actors won the Best Oscars at the Academy Awards that one year. Does any black comedian want to join me in being the first two black bloggers to document two black people doing something in a way that two other black people did? Does any black comedian read my blog?


Chris Serico said...

Sorry, can't help you.

I'm the first Irish-Italian-American to post a comment on this post, however.

Bumilla said...


*raises hand*

Abbi said...

Close, but no cigars Serp. I've altered Serico to Serpico, and abbreviated from there. I like how you represent no minorities in a blog that celebrates minorities celebrating minorities.

Abbi said...

BUMILLA! You make me proud to call myself W-O-M-A-N. This Oprah-ism is brought to you by Just For Me hair cream.