Thursday, October 16, 2008

Movie Double

Josh Brolin is playing George W. Bush in the new movie, W. Since Hollywood is already enamored with Sen. Barack Obama, it's just a matter of time before they choose to make a movie about him too.

Who will be the next actor to play Barack Obama?

Denzel Washington

At first glance, the obvious choice. But he's too good at his own sultry cadence to adopt the froggy, stilted aspect of Obama's speech.

Fred Armisen

Only if you get Martha Plimpton to play Michelle Obama, and instead of an Oval Office setting, the film is shot in a basement rave.

Terrence Howard

No. They're saving him for a Smokey Robinson biopic.

Harry Lennix

I believe we have a winner. He already played a version of him in August Wilson's Radio Golf on Broadway last year.

Who will play Michelle Obama?

Angela Bassett

All I see is Tina Turner.

Jennifer Hudson

Stop it Hollywood! Stop trying to cram this woman down my throat. She's a gifted SINGER. I get that. But if you tell me she's got a principal role in a drama without music, I'm telling you...I'm not going.

Sigourney Weaver in blackface


Undoubtedly I will be visiting the White House as my impression of their daughters during my one-woman-show Black She-lebrity goes viral on youtube. So who will play ME?

Halle Berry

Too old.

Alicia Keyes

Too light.


Too deceased. They would have to use footage from her vampire movie, and that would be confusing.

Thandie Newton

She's already in W.

Zoe Saldana

She steals enough of my roles. Besides, she's holding out to play Thandie Newton some day.

Tracee Ellis Ross

A.K.A. Diana Ross's daughter, A.K.A. what some find to be my look-alike "if you had big eyes." Pass.

Cree Summer

The girl from A Different World. I am told by many that this is my twin. Getting warmer...

This lady


Photo credits:
Doug Yaeger


Crutch said...

loved it...the blog, not W...have no intention of seeing that movie ever. we lived it, why would we want to pay to watch it for two long hours? hollywood is dumb.

Abbi said...

I hear it's "more than fair" to Bush, but also explores how his public failures were experienced as personal failures behind closed doors. That's why I'm going to see it. I like to imagine he is remorseful for mistakes. Plus it sounds like good comical satire. I heard Thandie Newton's impression was uninspired. They should have called me!