Monday, October 20, 2008

Age Ain't Nothin' But a Coincidence

Have a birthday coming up? You look good for your age! Whatever that means...

Cameron Diaz at 36

Real 36.

Lucy Liu at 40.

Real 40.

Madonna at 50.

Real 50.

Candace Bergen at 62.

Real 62.

Sophia Lauren at 74

Real 74

Demi Moore at 46 with three kids.

Real 46 with three kids.

Of course there are some exceptions...

Author Connie Briscoe in her 30s

in her 40s

and at age 56

New anti-aging serum ingredients: black DNA


Mo Diggs said...

Real 67

Mo Diggs said...

try this instead

Abbi said...

LOL. And Big Bird is 39. I bet he gets refeathered every year.

anne altman said...

i need some black DNA. real 74's gonna keep me up at night for weeks. makin me look real bad.

Abbi said...

I'm hung up on "Real 46 with three kids" because I found that photo by Googling "Mom at 46". Yeeps. That's just the effect of living in a bomb shelter, right?

brian said...

Give us the sequel -- real children vs. celebrity children.

(Ages 0 thru 30 ??)

Abbi said...

I would Brian, but
The woman in the cube behind me has a kid that looks like Suri Cruise. Apparently kids are adorable and pampered whether their folks are famous or not.

Anonymous said...

Ha, CB is my aunt. I have to show this to my mother, she'll be ridiculously jealous. And to my aunt, she'll be ridiculously happy. I can only hope I'll be so lucky.