Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ask Abbi: Red Carpet Content

Adria of www.impact-dc.com writes:

As a fan of your blog I would like to see/read more crafty writing and less photos/images of celebs.

Thank you for being a fan of the blog and for letting me know what you like to read most. I thought I would address this suggestion in an Ask Abbi installment to let you know how my posts come about.

Sometimes I write a joke for my act* that never makes it in or is so topical it won't stay in for long. It's usually easier to explain the concept in a blog post rather than whittle away at it on stage. Sometimes I have a conversation with friends and I explore it further in my blog. The latter method yields a lot of celebrity posts because that's my favorite topic during weekday lunches. An exchange about unusual celebrity baby names became the post "Overheard in an L.A. Daycare" which became the short film "L.A. Daycare" (see Videos in sidebar).

Then there is the third method for posting: I dig through garbage. Not only has this helped me to produce the most relatable topics, but I have also been able to furnish my home based on someone else's good credit score. It's a win for me and a win for readers. The only person who loses out is the victim of identity theft, but they have to learn life lessons some time.

To read more posts about the topics you like, please scroll down the sidebar and click on the Label that interests you most. Politics (Funny, not Biased), Cubicle Secrets (Office Stories), Bombing (Stories of Failed Performances), etc. And to avoid having to install a security system, I urge everyne to shred all important documents.

*For more on the joke-writing process, see The Method to My Madness.

Feel free to post your questions for Abbi in the comments section, to be answered in a later post, or write curlycomedy (at) yahoo.com with "Ask Abbi" in the Subject.

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Mo Diggs said...

Dear Abbi,

What's up?

Abbi said...

No question will go unanswered! You'll see...