Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It's a toss-up whether Barack Obama and John McCain need to go on having televised debates. Americans have made their decision and aren't hinging their choice on ideas professed at these forums. The messages have been heard, and now we are focusing on the little things, which leaves our presidential candidates subject to the evaluation process by which we measure the success of Rihanna music videos.

Should Obama and McCain keep subjecting themselves to the average American's knee-jerk, image-based scrutiny? Or should they live on in our memories as touched-up photos in the Sunday Parade? During my brief participation in a live chat during the Q&A, most of what I read were funny commentary about what was shown and not said. So let us now focus on what REALLY matters...

Observation 1: Foundational vs. foundation. Barack had a lot of makeup on. I mean A LOT.

I see even coverage from the ears to the neck. I'm betting he used a pencil on his brows and concealer on his hands. It makes me wonder if all the charisma, eloquence and commanding presence is nothing but TV magic. Leadership: maybe he was born with it. And maybe it's Maybelline.

Observation 2: It's a neighborly day for a beautywood. Every time McCain said "My friends" I became more certain that he'll have a wonderful career as a cardigan-wearing host of a children's program.

This doctored photo courtesy of the Paint program which, yes, still exists.

Observation 3: School yard whining. There was a bit of a skirmish when Obama wanted to address McCain's point via follow-up, and McCain protested, "If he gets a follow-up, I'm getting a follow-up," which was overlapped by Barack's insistence and Tom Brokaw's gavel slamming down on the podium. I did not watch the whole program, but this moment alone made McCain look eager to be heard while calling for a leveling of the field. Kind of like when I wasn't dealt any good cards in UNO, and I demanded my sister re-shuffle until I got a Wild.

Observation 4: Obama's flubs. Two times I heard Obama say something and re-state it the way they do on the news. "Two personal trainers were arrested for inciting a diet--rather--a riot last Wednesday..." Were any of these noteworthy? I couldn't tell because my eyes had glossed over.

Observation 5: History Repeats Itself. I am so indoctrined with the belief that old age slows us down that it actually surprised me when McCain chimed in with a quick reaction to something that was said. He also surprised me by referencing one of his heroes, Teddy Roosevelt. And no, he did not say Teddy Regan-velt, butI understand your immediate association of John McCain with Ronald Regan (his voice, his age, his representing the GOP, his *insert record millionth joke about Bush looking like a monkey, now with refreshing analogy of Regan's show Bedtime for Bonzo* ).

John McCain explained how he believes in speaking softly but carrying a big stick. I was not the best U.S. History student, so I don't remember what Roosevelt's stick symbolized. However, I definitely see that Sen. McCain's got the speaking softly part down.

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Mo Diggs said...

Speak softly and carry a big CANE!

Cherry, cherry, cherry-JACKPOT!

Abbi said...

Ding Ding Ding! I'm sorry Sir, are you sure you're old enough to play the slots? Let me see your ID. Oh, go right ahead Mr. Papagiorgio.

anne altman said...

ugh it was intolerable. i listened to it on the radio and watched The Graduate on TCM. trippy.

Abbi said...

Barack: Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. McCain?
John: Would you like me to seduce you?

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