Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2008 Portrait Contest

Hey gang! We are now accepting submissions to the 2008 Portrait contest. As many of you know, Abbi's favorite thing to paint is portraits.

If your favorite thing is Abbi, bring the two together! What a great combo; like chocolate and peanutbutter or pistols and powerpoint presentations.

But what do you WIN? The comedian/artist herself will paint YOUR portrait if you are selected as the grand prize winner. Her work is posted on the Fan Art page of CurlyComedy.com

Brian and Abbi.JPG
Here she is with last year's winner, Brian and the portrait she made of him and his dog Mo.

E-mail your scanned drawing, etching, painting, sculpture, or macaroni art to: curlycomedy(at)yahoo.com



Mo Diggs said...

Here's my contribution




It's called "ASCII A Silly Question..."

Abbi said...

Mo writes:

The @ signs are supposed to be the hair
The | is supposed to be your lithe frame
The "ASCII" is a reference to the artwork I'm doing
The hunched shoulders and hung head are meant to express sheepish embarrassment over
my artistic expression

It's beautiful! I...I love it. No I really do. See, I'm printing it out and putting it right here on the fridge.