Friday, October 3, 2008

Do You Believe in Maverick?

Curly Comedy asks: What makes you a maverick?

Tom Cruise, babe maverick

I fly jets, and I don't do what Tom Skerritt tells me. I'm a rebel without a cause. Okay maybe one: to find a chick into dudes with tight pants and kiss her to the tune of Berlin.

James Garner, TV maverick

I'm an adventurous gambler that traveled the Old West flimflamming adversaries and hustling people out of their sacks of coins.

Sports car, Ford Maverick

I was popular in the '70s. The first year I was on the market rivaled the record-setting first year of Mustang sales.

Sports team, Dallas Mavericks

We were named after the TV show, so there you go. Oh, and James Garner was a member of the ownership group when we first came out in 1980.

Music band, The Mavericks

We're a Grammy Award-winning alternative country music band founded in 1989 in Miami, Florida. Country music in the South don't shock you? (harmonizing with eyes closed) One-of-us-is-Cuban! Ooh wee ooh!

James Garner again, movie maverick

I surprised you in the 1990s by being more likeable than Mel Gibson. I also made you cry in The Notebook

NBA all-star, Maverick Johnson

It's Magic Johnson. And to your question, I'm immortal.

Well, like my friends of the same name, I too have flown in planes, I flim-flam, I am in my 70s, I spoke to young professionals at an event in Dallas, I am supported by people who like country music, and I cried watching The Notebook. However, I have nothing in common with that charismatic black man.

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