Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Real Half-time Show

I notice a lot of comedians have foolishly planned to be on comedy shows on the night of The Superbowl. I happen to be one of them.

At first I thought that everyone was like me. They know the Superbowl is coming, but they do not jot down the actual date, so it sneaks up on them. They neither care about sports stats nor do they remember Oscar trivia regarding Sylvester Stallone's career (excluding the actual film, Oscar). But it turns out there is more to football than friends and fried chicken. There are commercials and beer and celebrities lip synching during half-time.

Well my friend, my jokes have more zing than a Justin Timberlake crotch shot, and Angels and Kings has more beer varieties than an international frat house. And I just knooow there's going to be karaoke at the Starlette party afterwards. So watch the kick-off at 6:18PM, bump chests and then come over to the comedy show. Or go see Ross Hyzer at County Fair (Pianos) at 9:30PM...or Sara Benincasa and Rob O'Reilly at Sunday Soiree (Botanica Bar) at 7:00PM if you're in that area.

Just to show you that comedians are not crazy, I am going to take pictures of me having fun at my Superbowl party and then the awesomeness that goes down tonight at the Snatchtastic Comedy Hour. Because I CAN have it all! I anticipate a full turn-out at this show!
...with the Superbowl playing on the television screen behind me.


sooprgrll said...

sounds like a good time!

Abbi said...

Um, you will SEE the good time as soon as I go to sleep, go to work, get back from work, do a show, then come home and upload the pics.

Chris said...

A gig on superbowl sunday? Was there a y chromosome to be seen?

Abbi said...

Does it help you to know that the show is called the Snatchtastic Comedy Hour?

Chris said...

Errr. You win this round Crutchfield!