Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Then you came to the wrong place. This Superbowl re-cap focuses on food, because that's what sports events mean to me. Not the pigskin.



As promised, I set out to prove that just because I booked a show on Superbowl Sunday, it did not mean that people would not come. Nor did it mean that I could not enjoy the football festivities!


Festivities like Scrabble

Apples to Apples
...Apples to Apples

Jen and Jenga
...and Jenga? What kind of party is this?!

The thing that's good about a potluck is people make stuff at home. Weird stuff from their imaginations. Like Cheese dip made with Skyline Chili, or Kix squares with MnMs and marshmallows on top of fudge. Oh Amelia Bedelia, you befuddle and delight us!
Kix Treats
Pizza and Guacamole
Soda Pop
There was soda pop and a big screen for playing someone's Wii, and another screen for some funny commercials that kept getting interrupted by a football game. I had a ball.

Lucy, Deb and Abbi

A ball of yarn. Yes I did bring my knitting. It's a party, ain't it? I'm...eighty-seven.

Then I was off to the city for Robin Cloud and Cara Kilduff's show, Snatchtastic Comedy Hour at Angels and Kings!
Cara Kilduff and Robin Cloud

The gals opened the show and got comfortable on invisible props.

Rick Younger

Rick Younger closed the show to a packed room.


On the walk back to the subway station, I saw a woman fighting with her boyfriend in front of a bodega. She was swearing at him for watching the Superbowl instead of hanging out with her. The fact that he was arguing with her in the cold told me the game had ended. The honking on the street told me the Giants had won. I got on the bus for a short-cut, and as I settled in, a girl looked at her phone and read to the passengers, "They did it! The Giants won!" The whole bus cheered. If I had only announced it as I got on, I would have been the hero. Then the next man to be picked up was beaming and he, too, relayed, "Well, the Giants won, everybody."

"We know," someone muttered.

The next morning I heard security guards arguing whether the commercial with the Geckos dancing to Thriller featured Beyonce or Naomi Campbell. "Ain't you never seen Beyonce with her black wig?" No one brought up the inexplicable choice of song, the lack of saving 15% on your car insurance, or the pointlessness of the product itself. What was it again? Prunes?

So the commercials weren't up to par, the party was a little Full House, and the comedy show caused me to miss New York's best victory since Joey Chestnut ate 65 hot dogs. But the food was fantastic, the friends were plentiful, and the following show had wall-to-wall, football snubbing, die-hard comedy fans.

Would I do it again next year? Uh, does Beyonce wear a black wig?!


Bizzy said...

This is seriously the coolest, football less superbowl story I've ever read.


Abbi said...

A goodly tyme was had by all, now continue along ye merry way, kind stranger! (the party turned me Amish)

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