Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Show Show Show

A big thank you to all the cool people who made it out to The Living Room show last night. Postmark Cafe was abuzz with laughter and cocoa-filled bellies. For pics on that event, check out The Living Room Blog.

This whole weekend is choc-full of comedic events.

Tonight at 7:00PM we have the monthly sketch remedy for your bland personality problems:

Delusions of Spandex hosted by UCB alumni Phaea Crede and Becca Jones. Always a great time, and features Luke Thayer and The Straight Men on a regular basis, so you can't beat that.

Then grab a burger, and at 10:00PM meet me at Gotham City Improv for this spectacular variety show:

I'll be doing stand-up and featured in a short film.

On Sunday I will see this man in New Jersey do his seventy-year old thing:

which, for my wallet, is a once in a lifetime event. Following that train ride I shall cozy up in PJs and watch the Oscars, which should pave the way for bloggable hilarity. Ain't life sweet?

And happy birthday to fellow writer Matt Sears! If you want some of his hilarious brain, read his blog daily like I do.

See you soon!

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