Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Talentods Day

The fact that my cell phone refused to spell Valentine's Day during texting warned me that this would be an exceptionally unromantic holiday.

If you can't bake homemade, heart-shaped pizzas with the one you love you may as well laugh really hard with your friends. There were a lot of V-day-themed comedy shows to choose from on the 14th, but I opted for the one I was in. And perhaps my phone was right--this would be a day of TALENT no matter how ODd.

The Bacivo Nuggets put on an Anti-Valentine's Day show to remember! Composed of Marcus Terry, Andy Kleiman and Jake Serlen, this all-testosterone sketch troupe added even more Axe body spray by inviting The Straight Men (Barry Rothbart, Mike Ennis and Rob O'Reilly) and special guest Cody Hess. The result was an amalgamation of original sketches, monologues and short films that had the walls of Rififi echoing with titters.

Three of the evening's performances were perfected by my presence. Even though I was a prison guard, an office temp and a straphanger, they let me wear my bright red, two-piece ensemble that I had on from work. Because guys don't care if you look like Laura Bush, ladies! They just don't.

Luke enjoyed the show from the audience, and after getting over a brief spat before the night even began (I made fun of some gal and he in turn made fun of ME. Get behind me Satan!) we decided to make an attempt at romance with a dinner for two. We were THIS close to Amalfi, the famed Italian restaurant that gets 5 stars from every co-worker I talk to. Instead we went a few doors down to the corner barbecue joint. It took a half hour to get menus and water, and a full hour after that to get food. And there were only eight other people eating. The food came out black--corn, ribs, fried chicken, CORN. We were so hungry there was not going to be the option of sending it back, and we saw the waiter so rarely we had no one to complain to but the people next to us who liked black corn. One of those diners being local music sensation Jerome Jordan.

The very next day the restaurant closed, and it all made sense why the chef was asleep while cooking, the place was completely out of seafood, the waiter was in pajamas and nobody noticed when I accidentally dropped BOTH eating utensils over the course of the meal. So ends the day that would have been Valentine's, and the curse that came with it.

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