Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dollar Store Dares

Would you rather use garlic conditioner


Whale Sperm Treatment?

On the one hand the conditioner repels vampires. On the other hand, it yields the same effect if you were brushing with a breadstick. If the whale goop is a treatment what on Earth is the problem? Inability to make whale babies? Free Willy and Kate Plus 8.


Karine said...

Dollar Stores carry some really of the wall products. Can't imagine putting either of these two on my hair and my hubby wanting to sleep in the same bed with me. On the other hand.... :)

Thomas Pryor said...

my god, I ordered a plate of esperma de ballena last night in at Rico's on Mott Street. I thought the staff was snickering at me because my glasses broke and I mended them with my spare roll of medical tape.

Mo Diggs said...

My word verification may be "harsh" but my comment isn't: great post!

Abbi Crutchfield said...

@ Karine: Yeah, you've heard of Date Night. Save it for Hate Night. On those evenings he shouldn't have gone there.

@ Tommy: You're incorrigible.

@ Mo: Two dorsal fins up! Way up!