Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Somewhere Over the Wall

One of the craziest parts about breaking up with someone is years later, after you have forgotten everything about the relationship that you did not like, you are mature enough to appreciate them for who they are.

But they don't get to hear about it because of The Wall. The Wall that's made of pride and pain, that you both work very hard to build.
"No way she's seeing me cry."
"No way he's seeing me get fat."

Then you both get tired and leave it alone for a while. As time passes, the quality of your lives improve with new love interests, updated wardrobes and impressive achievements. You cut an opening in The Wall just big enough for them to see through, but not efficient enough for communication. After all, you can't waste time standing and shouting through a tiny hole in The Wall. You have things to do!

Things become the grind, and you start to reminisce of days gone by. You make a journey back to The Wall. You stand on your tiptoes and try to see over it. You stick your fingers above it and say, "Yoo hoo! How ya doin' over there?" The other one hears your voice and remembers why The Wall was built in the first place. After smoothing it over with a new layer of indifference, that person gets in a car and drives as far away from it as possible.

Dear Fellow Construction Workers,

Send me a postcard?

Your Ex

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