Friday, July 17, 2009

No Ordinary Store

It's nice to know in these tough economic times that certain boutiques are still able to thrive. Take this gift shop in my neighborhood...

When choosing the name "Phoenix Gift Shop", the owners were not deterred by the fact that the store is not located in Phoenix, AZ nor does the sign feature a picture of a bird by the same name. They do not specialize in River Phoenix memorabilia. They just like the sound of it.

They also like the idea of providing a gift shop in an area where there are no tourists, and no nearby museums. They are reaching a certain niche market with the "gifts" they offer. They sell bags, and they sell school supplies. Actually, they sell school supply, so presumably one type...rulers maybe? Probably not backpacks because they already specify that they have bags. For the bald, they sell the gift of human hair, and for the kids in need of more than school supply, they sell toys.

But could a store that sells such random items REALLY be on the up and up? Or am I correct in my theory that it is an alien headquarters from which they can observe us, notating our patterns so that they may finally overtake us, one unsuspecting Saturday morning?!

Only alien kids like human hair toys.


soce said...

Who doesn't constantly need human hair?? I buy it all the time and use it to line my apartment.

Chris said...

I love that you bought the X-Ray iPhone app to take that picture above.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

@ Soce: I find human hair to be the exact consistency I prefer for my pillow stuffing.

@ Chris: That is the good old fashion Paint program my friend! "Invert Colors" function. But now I know what to do to a politician's face the next time I'm running against one.