Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Internet Movie Playahatabase

There are 18 Crutchfields on Luckily, my name's not listed so if I ever move to Hollywood I won't have to change it to Abbin Sheen.

So what have my distant relatives been up to? Chris has made "Shot in the Heart", not to be confused with Shireen's "Love and a Bullet". Some of us are costume designers like the twins, Alisha and Lakeisha, but only Charles, a.k.a. Charles, has dressed Reese Witherspoon.

Les writes because he couldn't hack it as a dramatist, but for his ego's sake he likes to tease Jefferson and Keith for being miscellaneous crew members. They, in turn, tease Tim, who ran transportation for "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back". There are the no-frills actors like Lori and Jim, then their are the particular ones who chose stage names ending with "-in": Robin, Erin, and Kevin. Ugh, start a band already. That brings us to the drama queens: Sabrina Dames who likes Snickers ice cream waiting for her in her dressing room and Mahogony Ellis who likes ice cream Snickers. Timothy produces while Brian does production design, but darned if I don't know the difference.

They're less like family and more like strangers to me.


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Abbi Crutchfield said...

Great photos! Does it bother you that all your work goes straight to video?

soce said...

Thanks!!! The only thing that bothers me is that I totally got snubbed from the daytime tv awards this year.