Friday, July 10, 2009

I Can Hardly Imagine What's Next

Last night was a fun show at a bar I've never been to, The Local 269.

The host was a lovely, voluptuous woman covered in tatoos I affectionately called Kat Von D. She introduced people by first stating their name and then following with their credits. Anyone who has ever seen a gameshow knows the name is the signal to applaud. The audience was poised to clap, but kept missing their cue, so a lot of us came up to silence, which cracked me up.

The crowd was huddled in shoulder to shoulder from wall to wall, all in support of the producer Darcy Burke who also took her turn at the mic and had a great set.

Sometimes a good crowd gets a little too involved. As I took the stage, I began, "I'm biracial..." and a woman in the front said, "Are you blewish?" I had never heard this term before, but I could only assume she was asking whether I was black and Jewish...or a smurf. I answered honestly that I was not, although back in college I was often confused with a girl who was. Then came the obvious void of laughter that occurs when you exchange real, non-humorous information with someone, so I looked away from her and addressed the crowd as a whole, "and now time for some jokes. If there's any time left." Got 'em back.

How engaged was this crowd? When Robin Cloud was mid set-up someone laughed and sighed, "Oh my God, I can hardly imagine what's next!"

Sad you missed it? Robin and I are going to kick it again at Comix (Ochi's Lounge) tonight!

Triple Minority Report
Comix Comedy Club
353 W. 14th Street
New York, NY 10014
7:30PM, FREE

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soce said...

That's right by comedy spot Parkside, amiright, folks? I walk past that all the time but never actually been inside. Kudos for exploring the previously unknown!

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Thanks! I recently realized my legs work and have been hoofing it from show to show in that area. Everything is so close! When you're waiting for subway trains for 20 min you get the idea that a long commute means everything is far away.

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