Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nyack-ety-yack (Don't Talk Back)

Had a gig in Nyack, NY this past weekend.

Luke Thayer, Chauffeur
We carpooled, with Luke driving,

Abbi Crutchfield, Back Seat Driver
me back-seat driving,

Entourage: Matt Little, Kevin McCaffrey, J-L Cauvin
and Matt Little, Kevin McCaffrey, and J-L Cauvin in tow.

The show was Comedy Night, in a cozy Latin fusion cafe with a theme of religious relics. A section of the crowd, one table up front, were Comedy Night regulars, and apparently their tastes were a little refined. Each of us had completely different material, and none of it was to this table's liking. Out of the three men and three women seated together, two of the women were stone-faced, one woman had commentary for every performer, two of the men stared down and sat with their hands clasped over their mouths. The third man turned his whole body away from the stage to show his distaste. The entire show.

Some of us went blue, some of us were clean, all of us talked about life experiences which differed from one another. Here were the topics that did not go over well with these people:

Being raised by a single parent
Being raised by both parents
Being single
Being engaged
Being black
Being white
Being black and white
Having a job
Being unemployed
Being religious
Hating religion
Happy that Obama is in office
Not liking that Obama is in office
Ambivalent now that Obama is in office

These people were like Teflon. Nothing stuck to them. Nothing resonated with them or seemed to come close to what they live through each day. Apparently they were cleverly disguised aliens from another planet. Talking to them did not help, ignoring them did not help. Finally, we squeezed a few chuckles out of them.

Here's what did well, or at least inspired one woman in the front to start talking loudly with us:

Ad-libbing about the objects in the room
Asking what they wanted to hear about (answer: Spring time. Unfortunately this answer came at the end of the last performer's set)

But what do you want? It's not the Big City. Like I said, their tastes are little refined.

Special Nyack Pairing: Coffee and Sandwich


soce said...

I did not realize how similar Matt and J-L looked! In fact, I thought the dude on the right was Matt at first, and then low and behold, there he was on the left.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

While they share the same eyebrow structure, the similarities end there. I think it's just that particular picture.

Chris said...

All white people look alike to me.

Mo Diggs said...

See you and Luke this Wednesday! Yay!

Mo Diggs said...

Hopefully we will have a better crowd than this one

Abbi Crutchfield said...

For the record, the rest of the crowd was lovely. See you Mo!

anne altman said...

love those kinds of shows.

Anonymous said...

Cafe Del Sol on Main Street was full of tourists from New Jersey and other Republican Rockland County towns. Weekends are so crowded many locals go elsewhere.