Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Apiary: Where Dreams Are Pollinated

As a non-mom who contributes to a parenting website called HipSlopeMama.Blogspot.com, I feel obligated to tell you, sometimes I write about stuff I know.

You can also find my writing on TheApiary.org!

What means Apiary, Papa?

In the dictionary, apiary is a fancy word for bee yard, where hives and honeybees are kept. In New York, it's a synonym for online comedy mecca. The editors consider it an "Us Weekly of NYC Comedy", but they're being modest. It's like the People of NYC Comedy, and it even keeps tabs on commercial success outside of Manhattan. Like if you star in an Oscar Meyer commercial in L.A., they'll still praise you as if you did it from Katz's deli.

The Apiary features the Bee-log (links to funny happenings elsewhere on the 'Net), the Honey Shot (a photo or art from the comedy scene) and even asks you to submit your own Buzz. They are also your main head-quarters for non-insect puns like Interviews, New Video Wednesday, and Reviews. I am responsible for the latter. I began by reviewing stand-up shows from a stand-up's perspective. This meant instead of saying, "Gaffigan has good jokes about Hot Pockets," I would say, "After [20] years of performing comfortably he is still evolving what he talks about and how he talks about it." I also do event coverage and reviews of one-person shows.


Richard Belzer, 7/25/08
DailyMotion.com Rooftop Screening, 7/29/08
Rick Overton, 8/18/08
Jim Gaffigan, 9/11/08
Elon James White, 10/20/08
Violet Krumbein, 11/17/08
Joe Powers Benefit Show, 11/25/08
Dave Angelo, 2/17/09
Jen Dziura, 2/24/09


Mo Diggs said...

Wanna bumble with the bee huh? BZZT!

soce said...

Hey I see they have added our names to the list of contributors! That makes me happy.


Keith Huang
Brandi Ediss
Elizabeth McQuern
Kristy Mangel
Ben Kharakh
Becky Ciletti
Margot Leitman
Rick Paulas
Eliot Glazer
Mo Diggs
Sara Benincasa
Neil Padover
The Librarianist
Andrew Singer
Abbi Crutchfield

soce said...

"Wanna bumble with the bee huh? BZZT!"

Throw a hex on your whole family.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Can someone explain, in bee-language, the lyrics to "Crush On You"? It was censored on my radio, so I never understood it.